Is Anybody Out There?

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Do you have a blog?

If you do, you’ve probably had that feeling that you and your posts were all alone and that nobody was reading them. It was discouraging, and you probably thought about giving up. Maybe it caught on and you have readers, maybe it didn’t.

I’m not at the breaking point. I just started today… I’ve got to give it time, things don’t happen instantly. Blogging is a lot of work and takes time and discipline to do. I think a lot of people give up after they become discouraged that nobody is reading what they are writing. It must seem like a lot of work for nothing. But there are some people who blog because they enjoy it and don’t care whether it is read or not.

What is/was your blogging experience like? (Please answer so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself…)

Why blog:

Why did you start the blog? Was it to express your thoughts or was it to achieve fame and fortune? Was it a personal blog, a business blog to promote something, or both?

Why don’t you blog?:

To all you non-bloggers out there: What’s your story? Why haven’t you started a blog?

Do you think you have nothing to write about, don’t think others will what to read it, don’t have the time, is it of no interest to you, or do you think that they are just too many blogs out there already? Let me know, I’m interested in hearing your answer.

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