Let’s Talk About Happiness

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Everybody is looking for happiness, but some are looking in the wrong places. Some will never find it, while others know where to look. Happiness is doing and having what you want. Happiness comes from within. Happiness is being and doing, not wanting. There is no happiness in being the mule who perpetually chases the carrot.

One who is happy is at peace with themself and the rest of the world. They are free from want and are content with what they have. The only thing they want is to continue the current feeling of happiness and not disturb it.

Happiness is:

  • Enjoying life. Being glad to be alive. Looking forward and smiling.
  • Doing what one enjoys, what gives them pleasure.
  • Doing what one strongly believes in and having no regrets or second thoughts about it. It is total commitment and dedication. Rewarding. A sense of purpose. Doing something that they believe they should be doing.

Eric 🙂

For more, read How to Become Happy and Be Happy, There’s No Other Way!.

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