Life is Full of Energy

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You can’t beat energy and enthusiasm. People who are excited about what they do are nearly unstoppable. You can tell the difference.

When you are energetic about something, you get a lot more done. Others are drawn to you and become interested in what you are doing. They want to be a part of what’s going on. Energy is a magnetic force; others can tell when you are excited and passionate about something. There is group energy, synergy. It makes a big difference. When you are negative and complain, others will stay away because the negativity drains their energy.

Driven by passion, Doing what you love:

You become driven by your energy and passion. You feed off it. If you are truly and genuinely excited about something it will show. If you are pretending to be energetic about something, it won’t work. Your energy will soon fizzle out. You have to be truly energetic about it; you have to believe in it 100%. Find your thing.

Those who have it:

You can tell if a person has it by they way they walk, the expression on their face, the look in their eyes. They radiate energy; they glow. They have a strong presence. They are decisive, they know what they want. They have a sense of purpose because they doing what they love and believe in. They are consumed by energy and passion.


Energy is essential to success. You can’t excel without it. There are too many chances to quit along the way. You’ve got to be passionate and energetic about what you are doing, otherwise you may become discouraged and give up.

When you allow yourself to be discouraged, you lose your energy, becoming further discouraged. You must protect it. It is the fuel of your life. This is energy that can’t be used up, only lost. Energy is empowering. Energy is strength. Energy makes life easier and more enjoyable. With it, you can triumph over greater challanges than you thought possible.

Eric 🙂

For more, read Be Passionate, Be Inspired and The Only Way To Live is Enthusiastically.

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