I am Inspired by You.

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I am inspired when I hear of a person triumphing over a challenge that is thought to be impossible. I don’t mean climbing mountains, I mean real people living regular lives that overcome extraordinary challenges they face. It is encouraging to know what people are capable of doing and overcoming.

Some of the challenges people have to deal with are not fair. They did not deserve it. But that happens. That’s life. It is not fair when a curveball forever changes a person’s life, but that is the way it is. All the person can do is decide where they go from there and how they live their life. Some people live the rest of their lives bitter and miserable, resenting their situation in life, while others try to make the best of what they have and go on to inspire others like you and me. Each time a person overcomes such a challenge, they open up the possibilities of human ability to others.

People are capable of dealing with the most tremendous challenges and overcoming them, only to face (and overcome) even greater challenges. Human spirit wins. Determination and perseverance and a lot of stubbornness can go a long ways. People fight for life and what they believe in and don’t give up in this struggle of life.

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2 Responses to “I am Inspired by You.”

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I also find it good to hear about what others have accomplished and triumphed over. Each of us has their own limits, and like they say, God/higher power only gives us what we can handle. Sharing experience is a wonderful way to help others – to give them practical information, inspiration and hope that change is possible, and to remind us that we are not alone. I’ve often mourned being born in this day and age of high technology, but the possibilities with internet have caused a reconciliation. You can plug in a word and in an instant find a bunch of other people who write about the same issue or concern. I’ve kept a journal for 35 years now, and during the worst of times I can remember wishing that someone would read my journal and understand me. Blogging has made that wish reality! Who would have guessed!

Great post! It must be interesting to look back what you’ve written during all those years and see how you’ve changed.

See my post about writing and keeping a journal.


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