Try writing, you may just like it…

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The first few words are the hardest, but it becomes easier once you get past them and know what you are going to write about It doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you start. Writing feels great. Write down your thoughts and ideas. You might hate it, or you might love it, but you won’t know until you try.

Express yourself. Write your thoughts and ideas; write your feelings and emotions. Keep a diary/journal/daily log, call it whatever you want. Write in it every day and then you can look back at what you wrote years from now. Looking back and reading what you thought and how you felt a few years ago is very interesting. Simply writing down what you think and feel can be rewarding. And it can help you organize your thoughts and help you to figure a plan out.

If you enjoy writing your daily thoughts and would be willing to share it with the public, start a blog to chronicle your daily life’s thoughts and emotions.

If you really love writing, you may consider writing fiction.

If you hate writing, you can burn what you wrote or delete what you typed. That will feel good, too.

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5 Responses to “Try writing, you may just like it…”

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it’s called channelling dude. Talking from your oversoul.

[…] Try writing, you may just like it… […]

I tihnk the best thing about writing is there are so many forms of writing to try. And so many ways to make money out of it too 🙂

Yeah, I agree with you. There are many ways one can write and express themself and share it with others (or keep it to themself).

It is not always about the money, though. For a career or as a second income, earning money from writing can be important, but for the average person simply expressing themselves by writing down their thoughts can be a rewarding experience, regardless of whether money is earned in the process or not.

Thanks for the comments 🙂

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