1000 Views in My First 3 Days, Thank You So Much!

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My blog is out of control! I started it 3 days ago, Friday night, and have gotten over 1000 pageviews. I must be doing something right. Thanks for reading my blog. It is very encouraging! I am very excited.

I’ll keep posting whenever I can.

For more info please read :

Thanks very much,

Eric ๐Ÿ™‚

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4 Responses to “1000 Views in My First 3 Days, Thank You So Much!”

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I just read a lot of your posts. You seem to write with a lot of energy, I can understand why you love writing. Thanks for all your positive messages, the energy of the sentences definitely helps too!

Thank you very much. Living with enthusiasm is the only way to live. If you are going to do it, you might as well be enthusiastic about it and enjoy it.

Doing what you are passionate about helps as well. It is easy for me to be energetic about something I care a lot about.

I used to be the compete opposite, putting as little energy into things as I could. Well, you get out of life what you put into it. Being energetic is definitely a better way to live. It is much easier and more enjoyable. It is more rewarding; it is truly living instead of just passing time until you’re dead.

I make a point of being positive. Life works better that way. Thanks for your comments, I always appreciate it when somebody has something to say. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes people say that I’m way too happy. Sometimes I respond by asking them what it means to be way too happy, other times I just say that being happy is the only way to life.

1000 views in 3 days,I’m impressed, you are amazing! And your posts are great reminders of the simple things, the good things!
Keep Writing
And if you have any hints on getting readers can you share?

Thanks, I try to focus on the simple things in life that most people either forget about or ignore. It’s the basic things that matter, but are also the ones that are left unattended.

Advice for writing a blog? I don’t really know, I just started out and am still figuring this whole thing out. I think titles matter, because people won’t click it if the title doesn’t interest them. The first few lines matter for the same reason, and I’m working on that… The best advice I can offer for this is general advice: write what you are passionate about and others will be interested in reading it. Don’t bore your readers, telling them things that even you don’t want to hear. If it doesn’t interest you passionately, write about something else. Readers can tell if you are interested in what you’re writing about. They can also tell when you’re not.

Hope this helps,


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