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Smile 🙂 . When was the last time you smiled? That is too long ago. Smile right now, even if you have to fake it. Think about something you like or something funny. Are you smiling yet?

Smile as much as you can. Smile until your cheeks hurt. You’ll feel better and happier if you smile, even if you don’t know why. You are more pleasant to be around when you are smiling.

Smiling is not difficult. Smiling is good for you; smiling is important. Practice it and soon it will be very easy. It will be difficult not to smile.

Make other people smile. I love to make other people smile. It feels good. The best way to get a smile out of someone is to be friendly and compliment them. Try to make everybody you talk to smile. You are more likable when smiling, and even more likable when you make other people smile. They will enjoy your company and want to be around you.

Always be polite and courteous, especially when somebody upsets you. It make be difficult to smile, but try anyways. The time that is most important to smile is when you don’t feel like smiling; it is more important to try to smile when you’re not happy than when you are happy. Try to smile when you’re having a bad day, it may just brighten your day for you.

Have a good day,

Eric 🙂

For more, read How to Become Happy and Be Happy, There’s No Other Way!.

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7 Responses to “Smile :)”

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I have routed your web site to several people today asking them to read your May 27 posting; I do not see these people often as stated I am a self-recluse but as I listen to their moment of discontent I can also feel their frown through the telephone. Good job.
Annie O.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it a lot. I’ll keep posting to keep you guys happy 🙂


Feel free to link to this or any other post. Also, you can forward this in an email to people you think will like it or who needs it. Thanks for your help, Eric

Nice post! I love to laught, but here the greatest challenge is, when you wrote, “it is more important to try to smile when you’re not happy than when you are happy”…..The world looks better this way!

Keep Smiling……..
Bless You!

I love this post! I think a smile is one of the biggest, best things to give people!!! Definitely an instant vibe raiser!!

Thanks 🙂 . I try to smile as much as I can. It feels great and it’s contagious.


Your post made me smiling and I thank you for that!

Guess, I’ll smile the next two minutes consciousnessly

Smiles to you,
Mira =)

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