Tips For Writing a Great Blog

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A few people have asked me about tips for writing a blog and how to get more readers. Here are some tips that should help you improve your blog. I’ll offer what advice I can…

My credentials: I don’t really have any, other than I write passionately about what I am interested in and passionate about. I get about 400 pageviews a day, but I also post a few times a day as well. I don’t link to or promote this blog. What I write gets chosen by you. I offer it; you read it. That’s it.

If there is any key to successful writing it is: write about something that energizes you.

Go through this list of tips and keep track of which ones you already do and which ones you need improvement on. When you’re done, go through it again!

General Tips:

  • Write about something you like/enjoy.
  • Say what you think and what’s on your mind. Be honest.
  • Write like crazy, until your fingers hurt.
  • Style and personality: it will make itself evident if you write what you are passionate about.
  • Writing great content helps. It gets recognized and acknowledged by people.

Specific Tips:

  • Use good titles
  • Proofread and edit your posts.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar. Don’t get sloppy or lazy.
  • Tweak it. See how it looks and make appropriate changes.
  • Update posts with new and additional information.
  • Write short paragraphs for your readers. Comfort is everything when reading and big chunky paragraphs are hard on the eyes and easy to lose your place. People usually scan when reading on the net.
  • Keep it brief, but not too brief. People have a lot to do during the day and can’t spend all their time reading your post. Be concise, but explain yourself adequately. Don’t drown your readers in details.
  • Don’t bore your readers, and whatever you do, don’t write like a encyclopedia. Don’t be technical. People read blogs because of their causal style and to read others’ personal thoughts and experiences.
  • Use bulleted lists (like this one) to list items or to emphasize several main points.
  • Follow-up posts with comments and become involved in discussion. Stir interest by asking your readers a question.

I think titles matter, because people won’t click it if the title doesn’t interest them. The first few lines of your post matter for the same reason, and I’m working on that…

The best advice I can offer for this is general advice: write what you are passionate about and others will be interested in reading it. Don’t bore your readers. If it doesn’t interest you passionately, write about something else. Readers can tell whether or not you are interested in what you’re writing about.

If you want more info, please read:

I hope this helps,


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If you have any tips you’d like to share, please post them in the comments section.

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5 Responses to “Tips For Writing a Great Blog”

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Thanks for the tips: common sense but easy to forget, so thanks for listing them out!

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your info here on the blog things. I’ll be checking back to learn more. Keep up the great work. Love, LuRain x

Hey, it looks like you are picking up pennies. Lucky. ;~)

Wow you get a lot of views! I get like… 30 a day on average.

Good content here… nice and simple and to-the-point. I like it! Click on the post below (through my blog) for some more great tips to increase blog traffic from best-selling author Seth Godin. Keep up the good work.

Tom Leu
the “Rock Star” Way™

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