What Has Happened To Democracy?

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The current state of democracy is an abomination of what democracy means, what it is all about. It is more an elected autocracy where a king or queen is elected for a term to make all the decisions. The government is supposed to serve the people, not the people serving the government. The government cannot exist without the people, period. But it is possible for the people to exist without the government. Think about that.

What Democracy is About:

Democracy isn’t about laying on your couch and getting up to vote every 4 years. Democracy is about citizens’ involvement and autonomy. It is about activism, getting involved at the local, grassroots level. Democracy is about citizens taking an active role in the country, even though manning the couch is easier.


Governments are bureaucratic. They are not effecient and they are not effective. They spend a lot of resources and don’t get much done. You cannot rely on the government to solve problems or bring change. Change happens on the local level with regular people.

It doesn’t matter who the president is
; what matters is what the people do. People taking action about things they are passionate about is far more effective than any government or president could be.

It is up to the people, you and I, to make the changes we want, not simply vote for whoever promises to bring the change. The people do have a say, but nobody will hear you unless you voice it. Join or start groups and organizations that get involved to take control and make the changes they want.

Get involved:

Take action on matters that you strongly believe in.
Don’t expect or assume that the government will make the change for you; it won’t.


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6 Responses to “What Has Happened To Democracy?”

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That’s so right, Eric. We MUST take action in everything that we strongly believe in. ^.^

What happen to peaceful demonstration; there were many in my “day” and they made a difference? We did no harm to anyone or anything, but we were one voice and presented how we felt to the public; which in turn did send a message to the “government”. Today, when I speak of how we reacted to government control and those sit-ins were not doing any damage other than to our own backsides…

I was in a coffee shop this week when I overheard a person (middle aged) make the comment, “the democratic ticket now carries on it the new Messiah and he will win.” I understood their meaning in using the word “Messiah”, which was probably nothing implied beyond, “somebody regarded as or claiming to be a savior or liberator of a country, people, or the world”.

Nonetheless, we do need to get back to the people understanding more about politics and how the new “Kings and Queens” are more or less playing a role instead of leading a nation; and stop allowing the media to control who the people elect as the leaders of this country. There has and always will be mud slinging, corruption within the government, but you are right… just voting will not reverse the problems in our country or our world, so “Stand up America and listen to what Eric has written”.

Thank you Eric…sorry got on my soapbox!

Annie O.

Hey, no apologies necessary. It’s great to say what you think.

Great comments and great thoughts!

Eric 🙂

This is a great post!
I think more and more people want the government to do everything for them! We need to rely less on the government.

Exactly. People are either lazy or feel helpless, neither of which are solutions. Placing too much trust in and inefficient organization to look after them (expecting to be parented) is not a great idea. But people have not consciously decided this; it has been a gradual and insidious change over time.

It is easier to watch TV and not think about it, but what happens when the government goes too far? Will people notice? Ultimately the people have to set the boundaries for the government, not the other way around.

Something to think about…

Eric 🙂


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