Life is a Game

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Life is a game. You don’t have control over the game or its rules, but you do have control over your life. You have limited time and energy, though you don’t know how much. You decide how you spend your life and what you do with it. You decide your focus and priorities and what is important to you. You can spend your life doing what you want to, or what somebody else wants you to do.

The winners of this game of life are not focused on money. Those who are happy are the ones that win. Having the most money can’t make you win. Your success is not relative to others. It is all about what you do. Your goals, dreams, and aspirations are determined by you, and what you do determines whether you achieve them or not, whether you believe in yourself and work towards them or become discouraged and give up on them.

How far you go in life is determined by you and the decisions you make and the actions you take. Whether you get what you want out of life or not is not determined by anybody but you.

Life is a game, so don’t take yourself too seriously. Things that bother you are often not as important as you think they are. Don’t spend your life playing the wrong game for points that don’t matter, and don’t be focused only on your score. The score isn’t important. You should focus on enjoying life, learning about it, and helping others along the way. Make the most of it. That is what winning and success are. That is how to win this game of life.

Eric 🙂

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5 Responses to “Life is a Game”

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I have always thought this: ‘life is just a game’… But… Sometimes life is extremely difficult and it isn’t an ‘easy game’… For all the rest, I think the same things…

Kisses and hugs, hoping everything is ok for you. 🙂

Great Information blog ! Thank you for keeping up the good work. I look forward to returning to your blog, and learning more from you !

Life is a game that we don’t know the rules of or how to win. Anyone pretending to really have proof is either lying or has some sort of belief system that you may or may not agree with. Not saying its a bad thing to believe, just saying. How complicated could it be made? Better to just try to enjoy the moment, I suppose.

Everything Will Be Alright – A Journey Through Couples Therapy

I also believe if you want to be a winner in the game of is equally important for you to surround yourself with winners. Thanks for your kinds words. Sherita

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