How to Become Happy

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Happiness must come from within. Happiness is coming to terms with oneself, acceptance. Happiness comes after becomes comfortable with oneself and is content with their position in life.

Getting Happiness:

A person cannot get happiness externally; money and things do not make a person happy. A person with nothing can be truly happy. A person with much wealth is not necessarily happy. One cannot expect happiness. Happiness cannot be forced. One cannot make oneself happy out of pure will; one must become happy. Happiness is an achieved state.

Happiness must be earned. It cannot be bought, or given; it must be acquired. You cannot go to a store, buy a box of happy, consume it and then instantly feel happy. It does not work that way.

Happiness cannot be forced; it must be welcomed. You must allow yourself to be happy. You cannot be happy if you are too busy worrying about other stuff or trying to get something you don’t have. Becoming happy takes time. Don’t expect it right away. It is a lifestyle, a process. It does not occur instantly. Becoming happy comes with practice.

Becoming Happy:

Happiness is not complicated. You do not need a high-tech solution. Happiness is being comfortable with yourself, with what you’ve got, with your position in life.

Look at what you’ve got. Be thankful. Be happy with it. Get rid of what you don’t want. Don’t try to become happy by getting more of something, try to become happy by getting less of something. Figure out what it is that you want. It does not have to be an object, but it could be a place to live, a thing to do, a feeling, etc. That is what happiness is. This is how to become happy.

Don’t wait, start being happy now. Enjoy life while it lasts.

Eric 🙂

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